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Queensland Independent Cat Council Inc.


Updated 19 September 2023
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Please be advised that QICC is a registering body and does not intervene in disputes between members which arise out of commercial transactions. However we are concerned with any issues affecting the health of cats registered with our organisation. Please direct any queries or complaints in writing to the secretary at secretary@qicc.org.au



Proudly affiliated with the Australian Cat Federation Inc.
a charter member of The World Cat Congress.

QICC Inc. is a non-profit organisation which provides registration and associated services for both pedigreed and companion kittens/cats.

Our aim is to promote responsible breeding and ownership.


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We provide:


  1. Individual membership.
  2. Open friendly meetings.
  3. Open, friendly and informative shows for pedigreed and companion exhibits.
  4. Shows are in either American Style (allowing exhibitors to fully promote their breed to the visiting public) or Australian Open Style.
  5. Computerised 4/5  generation registrations for Pedigree kittens.
  6. Registration for Companion Pets.
  7. Friendly advice and referrals for the pet buyer.






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